This is Rameshkartik.RS ,completed my Masters in Software Engineering 2004 [M.sc (SE)], Then started my career as a programmer in DATS (Digital alarms and technologies) 2005, After 6 years I joined as a Team Leader in SIEMENS and working here till  current date. As part of building security technology domain, worked on various products in SIEMENS. I  started my blogging only in the year of 2013 to the CSharpCorner.com, I really felt satisfied, energized on every day I write. Made me feel that am starting to do something right J, During my initial phase I was starting to write more about Agile related , as a result of this I was awarded as an MVP (Most valuable professions) for the year 2013, On the next 2014, I was concentrating more on the technical areas like WCF with C#.Yes you can look into my articles here as well.

About me, Am a completely fun-loving guy, hard worker, passionate, dedicated, caring, loving, a simple guy to handle any, to be handled by anyone easily, love to generate values on everyday I live.


On the personal side am married with kiruthika in the year of 2010, she is too working for a cognizant technology and solutions ,Ok you can browse my articles over here. Please write torameshkartik@gmail.com if you find anything wrong or suggestions to improve it. Good Luck


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